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I’m confident I can help you.

I’m a communicator, writer and technologist with experience in digital communications, marketing, IT systems support and web development.

I have experience working with people, organisations and departments since the last century, to develop great and meaningful websites – websites that communicate well, and something that people could be proud of; even in the days of Netscape. I’ve chosen to work with charity, social enterprise and not-for-profit organisations from day one.

That decision has been a rewarding role that utilised my skills and abilities,  giving me an opportunity to make friends and engage with a large number of interesting people across the world, many of them in growing organisations. What that means to you, is experience.

What I bring to the table

I have worked with two of the largest organisations in Sheffield for over 20 years in computers systems, web development, marketing and communications – it sounds like a CV,  but my skills and competencies available to you include:

• Web design & development
• Marketing & publicity
• Graphic design
• IT Technical support
• Communication
• Business administration

I think the list probably meets all your needs! I know nothing about engineering, DIY or practising medicine, but I do know about what makes for a good website and how to engage people with meaningful content that will attract their attention.

What’s in it for you?

When I started out I very quickly realised that many charities simply cannot afford the big sparkling websites, or even if they can, they don’t know how to keep them updated, and more importantly, how to get their message across in the most beneficial way for themselves or their market.  I won’t just write a website. I will show you how to:

  • look after your website, putting you in the driving seat,
  • target your audience better,
  • make yourselves more prominent on the internet,
  • communicate more clearly and create opportunities,
  • write more emotively to express what you are saying and doing,
  • use brilliant free internet resources to your benefit.

Additionally, I can probably fix your slow, clunky computer that seems to have a mind of its own.

Vision and values?

If you are going to work with me then you need to know what is going on behind the scenes!
So, here are a few things you can genuinely expect from me:

  Sound good?  Get in touch… 0114 231 3660

Authenticity | I think for myself, and improve my methods through learning and reviewing my approach to website development. I engage with my clients’ aims to design appropriate technical, structural and visual answers to the problem.

Evidence-based | My work needs to benefit your organisation. Your organisation needs to engage its audience. I need to understand what will engage that audience. Evidence to inform a website development is important so that I know what you want to do, and the narrative you are trying to communicate.

Trust | To create the most effective work we need a relationship of trust. Trust allows both parties to be open and honest and means we can create a more accurate, focused website.

Fairness | I endeavour for my relationships to be fair to my clients and to me. I am transparent about my fees and flexible in my scheduling. I want you to work with me because I am fair, not because you are locked in.

Purpose | I am motivated by working with organisations that do something useful, helpful and constructive. In most cases, this means charity, social enterprise or other not-for-profit organisations, but it doesn’t exclude for-profit companies.

Accountability | I am accountable to my clients. I operate knowing that we need to be able to explain the reasons for the design and technical choices and recommendations and to be accountable for the billing I issue to clients.

If that sounds intriguing and you think you’d like to ask more questions or find out what else I can do for you  visit my contact page

Please note: Real life conversations will start with you buying me a coffee and telling me your great story that the world needs to hear.

Let’s start something special… 
0114 231 3660 |

Contact pageMy ethos is simple – provide the best at an honest price! I will take the time to get to know your charity and tailor the solutions and endeavour to help you achieve your very important and ambitious goals.”  – Jon Cressey, Sheffield